Review 8

What a play! I went to opening night and I couldn’t stop laughing. I came back the next night because I missed a few lines -the audience was laughing so hard! The script, the actors, the director have produced a great piece of art! It’s a play for everyone. No doubt this play will be seen in the big theaters someday! Must see it!

Review 7

I was DYING LAUGHING at this play…it’s a day later and I’m still talking about it, and I can’t wait to see it again. It’s perfect for a girls night, boys night, couples night, you name it. Perfect balance of hilarious and some tears in there too! Loved every minute. Highly recommend!

Review 6

Writing was incredible. Laugh out loud is constant, and it occasionally drew a “no they didnt” from the crowd. Genuine, engaging community theater.

Review 5

Entertaining and enjoyable! It’s sets you on a roller coaster of relatable emotions told with a realistic representation of real life struggles. Totally recommend all to see it!

Review 2

This show is one of the funniest yet thought provoking shows I’ve seen in the longest time. The journey takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that is completely relatable to anyone who has ever been single, in a broken relationship or dealt with overbearing siblings-pretty much everyone!! You will laugh, you will cry, you will in no doubt be entertained. It’s an absolute must see!!

Review 4

I had the absolute best time seeing this play this weekend!! Such a great story!! It’s the perfect balance of hilarious and heartfelt. I recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a great night out.

Review 3

This show made me belly-laugh AND ugly cry!! It is so relatable I think everyone in my group found something different they connected with. Great for groups of friends (girls and guys) or a date night!! Loved loved loved it!!

Review 1

The show was excellent! I found it to be a drama that was touching, endearing, funny and sad. The story had something for everyone and actors were believable and genuine. What talent to turn your struggles into a story that everyone can be touched by!