I’m a Female…Seeking a Male

Coming back as Come ‘n Go in 2018.

Based on a true story, the play now entitled Come ‘n Go, is a romantic comedy about the human quest to find love and connection amid the ever-changing-social-media landscape of the new millennium. As the play begins, Julia takes her decade-younger sister, Rachel to a dive bar just outside O’Hare airport to celebrate her 30th birthday. Broken-hearted over the loss of her boyfriend, Rachel reluctantly agrees. Vickie, Rachel’s roommate joins them. The three women begin a fun banter with the bartender and two young men.

The bar-talk inspires Julia to write a book about single men to help Rachel, Vickie and other single women understand what’s going on in the hearts and minds of single men. Throughout the play, men at the bar deliver short monologues that range from hilarious sexual encounters to heart-felt stories about true love. These monologues are based on the real-life interviews Julia conducted with single men across the country.

With a few twists and turns and some laughter and tears, the women are eventually forced to confront what’s going on in their own hearts and minds. What they discover about love and men changes the direction of their lives forever.


Female’ a winning entry in onstage dating game

“Since David Mamet placed Chicago’s perverse sexual rituals on stage, writers from both genders have tried their hand at defining dating for their generation – I’m a Female. . . Seeking a Male is the latest addition to this comic tradition. I’m a Female is a true Chicago-style confection. . . delightful, with genuine humor and great insight into the male heart and mind that the show is worth seeking out.”

Chicago Sun-Times

The Most Fun Girls Night Out Show Has Arrived

“This is the kind of show that will win a deservedly large following as a girls-night-out event. It’s a fun little show with a big heart that aims to please and which drew belly–laughs from the entire audience, including this reviewer at Sunday’s matinee. If you’re looking for a guaranteed entertaining night out with friends, you won’t go wrong with I’m a Female . . . Seeking a Male.”

Chicago Critic.com


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    I’m a Female...Seeking a Male

    Coming back as Come ‘n Go in 2018. Based on a true story, the play now entitled Come 'n Go, Read More
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